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Frequently Asked Interview Questions Download
  • 1) As Carnot cycle is not used in practical life then why we are studying this cycle.
  • 2) What is thermodynamic temperature scale, derive its expression from T-S diagram.
  • 3) Explain 4-stroke diesel cycle, on T-S diagram at which point will you design the engine and why?
  • 4) Whether material properties are dependent on temperature. If yes, then how
  • 5) Design the engine cylinder for 4-stroke diesel engine
  • 6) Explain Lame’s equations and draw stress distribution for radial and hoop stress.
  • 7) What is radius of gyration?
  • 8) Design the flywheel for 4-stroke diesel engine and draw its T-θ diagram.
  • 9) What is tonne of refrigeration?
  • 10) Have you seen the pot made up of soil (mud), which is used for cooling of water? How water cools in this pot? Draw its process on psychrometric chart.
  • 11) Why cooler is not used in Mumbai? Draw the process of air cooler on psychrometric chart.
  • 12) Design air conditioner for a given room under summer conditions.
  • 13) Draw comfort chart?
  • 14) There is a cylinder of height h filled with water and from the height H above this cylinder a mass m is dropped, draw velocity vs. time graph for this case.
  • 15) What is terminal velocity?
  • 16) What will be the velocity if u drop a mass (m) in an open ground from height h, when it reaches ground?
  • 17) The velocity expression which you obtained in Q.16 is independent of mass, whether it means if you drop two different masses from same height, they would reach ground at the same time.
  • 18) Draw velocity vs. time and acceleration vs. time graph for different displacement vs. time graphs
  • 19) Why aeroplane flies at very large heights?
  • 20) What is the need of long runway for aeroplane?
  • 21) Draw temperature profile when hot water is flowing in the pipe and there is cold air outside the pipe.
  • 22) Draw thermal and hydro dynamic boundary layers for the same case.
  • 23) What is fully developed flow and if you double the diameter of pipe, then upto what length there will be entry length and when this flow will called as fully developed flow?
  • 24) Draw Rankine Cycle and give physical significance of every point.
  • 25) Why don’t we feed the steam from turbine to boiler? If lower line brought to y=0 then what is the efficiency and physical situation?