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Tips And Tricks To Prepare For Gate 2021

October 07, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

When one prepares for a competitive exam like GATE (The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) he/she does it with the mindset to crack it in the first attempt. To do so requires a lot of hard work and determination, which can be daunting for some if not done properly. Here you will read some Tips and Tricks that will set you on the right track so that you come out with flying colours. 

It is a tough nut to crack, and the stiff competition will not let you through if you do not ace your exam. The following are a must for you to crack the exam in your first attempt.

Assess yourself: this is a mandatory step for every aspirant as evaluating yourself gives you the correct picture of where you stand in the competition. Assessing oneself allows you to make the required changes in your strategies while there is still time. When one knows their footing, they automatically perform better in a competition as they come prepared for what’s ahead.

Standard books: books play a crucial role in your preparation as the knowledge is only as good as the source you obtain it from.Opt for books written by experienced professors as the paper is designed by some of the most experienced professors from eminent institutes of the country.  While books are standard for preparation for almost any competitive exam, in today’s tech-driven world, one must make use of the available resources. Along with books, it is an excellent choice to go for online coaching classes like gate academy online coaching.

Solving mock tests: once you are done preparing for a competitive exam, it is crucial for one to take mock tests. These mock tests are designed with identical patterns to the actual exams; this allows aspirants to get acquainted with the practice and gives them a real taste of the real deal. Mock tests also help you improve your performance by making it easier for you to assess your abilities and taking the required steps towards improving yourself.

Revision: one must spend a reasonable amount of time preparing for the exam, and this includes giving proper time to revision. Once you feel confident enough with your preparation, you must give yourself time to recall what you have prepared. An excellent way to do so is by making short notes as and when you are going through topics, so that is becoming easier for you to recollect the essential parts of the highlights. Last-minute revisions are very helpful when you do not want to be shuffling through pages wasting precious time. Online academies like gate academy online coaching have extensive revision videos that help you recall essential topics and concepts.

Understand the fundamental: it is crucial for one to have the basics imprinted in the head. Rote learning will not get you through these competitive exams. The questions in the papers will not only test your aptitude but also check the understanding of how well you have your brain wrapped around the concepts. Once you believe you have a firm grasp over an idea, try to solve as many questions as possible and practice as much as you can before you move to the next topic. 

Keep a check on your health: as you are preparing for the competitive exam, make sure that you do not forget to tend to yourself. It is vital to pay attention to your body and mind, add in some exercise or yoga to your daily routine to maintain fitness. Improved health means your brain functions optimally giving you an edge over your competitors.

When done right, you can definitely crack any exam, have the right preparation strategies, get familiar with the exam and the exam pattern. A good source of knowledge that you depend on for your preparation is a must that is why it is always advised to go for the top institutes and read from standard books. Hard work along with smart work is the key to success for any endeavour, taking good care of your health and giving yourself proper time to relax and recover is a must as lack of sleep affects your cognitive abilities.

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