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How to stay engaged in ESE or GATE Preparation throughout the year

October 31, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

ESE or GATE exam can be a daunting task for any student or candidate. Any work that gives you success requires a lot of consistency and dedication. For that to happen, it is most necessary that one remains engaged in that similar task all the time. Similar is the case with GATE or ESE. These are one of the most critical and national level exams where the main competition is increasing in bounds and leaps every year. To stay relevant for the crack the exam and examination its is mandatory to put your soul and heart into it. One needs to be more dedication towards the exam and be consistent for the more and one year that you prepare forit.

Though it is so easy to say that one should be the focus, it is not a silly or easy task to remain or continue focused for such a long period for GATE or ESE preparation. After a fixed amount of time, one falls in the trap and loses the rhythm of giving up on the settling and examination for something lesser. While that might seem one of the best situations at the fixed time, you may later regret or feel guilty for the exam till the letting and end you guards down the halfway. Not being able to continually focused for a long time is the most common situation that most of the candidates encounter. Today we would help you give ways in which you can stay engaged and overcome the problem in your preparation throughout the year.

Confidence is the faith that leads the achievement:-

Set your mind into something you want:-

Before you start your studies or preparation sit back and ask yourself if you're going to fight or give this exam and it the last result of clearing the exam incite you enough. If the answer is no, drop the studies or preparation before even starting it. If the answer is yes, then write down the main reason why you want to clear this exam.

Make sure that you are listing all the problems and reasons no matter how silly or stupid it may sound to you. Once you are done with this process, paste it on one of your study room walls. No matter how many posters like inspirational, you put up on your study room wall, this one paper will be your only inspiration in the GATE and ESE preparation. Every day or time you get back to why you won't give this examination, you will shed all your problems and start afresh with full focus and confidence.

Smartly Plan your preparation strategy:-

Do not make any unrealistic plans for completing one whole subject in studying for 14 hours a day or in a day. Starting with such unreal projects will only give you stress and demotivate you. Therefore, smartly plan your study planning, and even if you study for only 3 hours at the beginning of your preparation, it is okay. Make sure you are utilizing those hours in the fantastic possible way and making the most out of it. You can eventually increase your preparation and studying time, depending on how amazing or comfortable you are with it.


Other than any reasons of why you want to fight or give the exam you can watch some motivational videos, watch toppers talk, read books for motivating yourself. When you become comfortable or aware of life after cracking the exam, you can see your achievement or goal clearly, and you work harder to achieve this.  So find that makes you comfortable or motivates you amazingly and keep your spirits high about the examination because only then you can give it your full shot and any disturbance and also not lose focus or confidence midway.

Reward Yourself:-

It is going to be a very long and challenging journey before you give the main exam and get excellent results. Therefore target for small achievements and reward yourself for that little success. You small-term targets and goals can be as completing you monthly or weekly target, getting excellent marks in the test series, meeting a little challenging subject in the fixed time and many more. Reward yourself for this little happiness or achievements. These small and notable awards will be one of the most needed motivation to achieve your main and larger target of cracking the exam.

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