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How To Prepare For GATE Across With ESE?

October 21, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

The exam time is soon and upon us, all the students will little busy with the exams and preparation. For engineers seeing the students, two examinations are Engineering Service Examination and GATE. Both exams have almost the same syllabus but a very different type of questions asked and exam pattern. In this problem mainly of the students are little confused if they should go for GATE or ESE or if for both then how should they prepare and manage it.

Lots of students might be very confused right now if they should pick one exam and prepare for both the ESE and GATE examination. The apparent confusion increase when they go around asking experienced persons who advise them to not instead prepare for one exam and not chose two exams.

The GATE examination conducted in February, and the ESE prelims exams conducted in January. As the exams showed so nearly by, one has to study for both GATE and ESE prelims together.

Why prepare for both ESE and GATE examination:-

Every year thousands of students or candidates complete their technology orengineering courses in the lots of different branches of the engineering. Most of these students start preparing for ISE and GATE to get admission to PhD or M Tech and getting group A or B jobs in Government departments respectively. 

While some candidates choose their particular exam ESE and GATE depending on their priority, but there are lots of students who want to prepare for both the exams simultaneously. There are lots of reasons why students like to prepare for both of this examination simultaneously. Here we are talking about a few of them:

•    It opens lots of future opportunities for the students or candidates.

•    It will be a chance to save a whole year for those who want to study for IES just after the GATE clearing.

•    GATE examination studies cover almost 70% of the overall preparation needs for IES exam, Leaving only a few GS portion and the technical topics.

•    Study for two big exams with the almost same syllabus will help to study both exams indirectly or directly.

With so many benefits, mostly all students work hard to crack them and prepare for both the exams.

How can you prepare for both the exams?

Preparing for Both Exams:

Preparing and Study Strategy:- Before you start your studies know about the most common topics in the exams as these topics will be easy to cover. Also, you must know some issues that are little unique or different in the two exams. These type of topics will need special care and attention during preparation.

1. Current Affairs Objective YES No
2. General English Objective   Yes
3. General Aptitude Objective YES Yes
4. Engineering Aptitude Objective YES No
5. Mathematics Objective YES Yes
6. Technical Subjects Objective YES Yes
7. Technical Subjects Conventional YES No

The table will provide you with an idea about the type of exam questions that asked in GATE and ESE exams and the ones that are little different to a particular exam.

a. Common Topics:-

For the syllabus or topics that are little common to both the exam you may not face the problems as they will be in your strategy and plan. All you have to do is to study or practice the last year papers of both the exam and prepare as per both the exam syllabus or pattern requirement.

b. Different Topics:-

There are lots of topics which are exclusive to a particular exam, i.e. ESE or GATE. For these topics and subjects has to study and taken out well to master the subject and thus clear the exam.

2. Time Management:-

While planning is essential, what is very important is time management. All subjects have to give time and due regard along with deadlines for each and all topics.Time management is a very very important technique for clearing any exam, and when you are preparing for two exams simultaneously, its significance enhanced multifold.

a. Read the newspaper:-

The general studies is an essential and central part of the ESE exam for which you must know what is going around the whole world. This will keep you prepare and aware of you surroundings and also give you strong knowledge in the General English paper for GATE.

b. Practice aptitude:-

Practice is also one of the essential parts of the GATE exam andpractising it will not only enhance your marks but also your chances for good rank and the clearing the exam.

3. Practice Makes a man perfect:-

You can learn and study all you want, but the practice is the primary key to master any art. For the exam too, once you have read any topic or subject, pick up the GATE questions that have asked from the subject or topic, then pick the ESE questions that have asked form the same questions or topics. This will help you know all the thoughts and aspects of the particular subject. And you would have practised all the types of topics or questions for either of the exams.

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