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How To Prepare For GATE Across With College?

October 26, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

While few students might have started their studies or preparation back in college, the others may have started their studies after college without or with a job. Though none of the many options hasthe upper hand, what matters is that when you feel or realise you want to begin preparing, you startwith full sincerity and dedication.

The students sometimes feel that there are lots of problems when preparing in college, and they confused whether they should focus more on GATE preparation or College studies. To find the solution to this problem, we shall today be talking about the issues that college students face when preparing and students can overcome these problems without any problems—the blog help in keeping concentration on the GATE exam while not compromising on the college exam.

GATE is the most popular and national level examination, conducted every year by the committee consists every year by the exam committee to evaluate students on their aptitude command and technical knowledge. The GATE committee consists of some various IITs along with IISC coachings under the examination committee start the exams.

Few Problems the students face while preparing for the GATE exam:-

Limited time for preparation:-

With college practical and classes, students or candidates often complain that they do not get much time to study for GATE examination. Apart from the studies, there are also lots of various extracurricular activities that keep occurring in college time, which add to the little disturbance or distraction. Along with this, there are also lots of different subjects that are also part of the college curriculum, but not GATE similarly and syllabus. There is the central non-technical part of the GATE course/syllabus which is not part of the college. That’s the severe and harmful problems that college students face.

 No Guidance Available:-

Not all the institutes and colleges in India are metro-city based, some colleges are located, and as a result, proper coaching and guidance are not available. The direction can help the candidates or students know how to begin preparation, what subjects to read.

Unable to buy gate exam mock test papers and previous test papers:-

Due to some lack of exposure, there is also a condition or situation where candidates not provided access to mock papers and last year papers through which they can prepare and practice for the exam.

How can studentsstudy for GATE with college?

Many of candidate or students crack the GATE examination with college and though it requires little hard work. It is not an impossible task.

GATE Exam Syllabus:-

Candidate must first acquaint themselves with the GATE course and match it up with the college course or syllabus.Make a list of extra things that you have to study for the GATE exam and which ones are more basic or standard. One this is complete, make a study timetable in which you can dedicate little particular time to the courses and topics that an extra in the GATE exam. If you are following good preparation or study time table, one can easily handle or manage their time and not be confused between the GATE syllabus and college curriculum.

GATE mock papers and previous year papers:-

Since the Gate exam is an online exam form, the last year paper and mock paper practice too has become little easy as all the institutes provide online mock tests. It can be practised and attempted from anytime and anywhere. Even the solution for these last year papers or mock papers arereadily available online, and it can be downloaded through the coaching or institute website.

GATE Online Guidance:- 

With a lack of guidance available in institutes and colleges, candidates can quickly contact coaching via mail or call and ask for their advice. Also, there are many online study videos like toppers talk, which are available on the youtube for better understanding and guidance for the GATE exam. Through these type of videos are published on social media today has made one on one topics or conversation easy. You can also the coaching teachers and the toppers your queries or question  through the Facebook accounts, blogs or commenting on Youtube Videos.

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