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Covid-19 And Online Learning: Gate Preparation

October 07, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

Corona has changed the world in unprecedented ways, where one was asked to keep mobiles away from students now they are being used as a medium between students and institutes. One of the most noticeable changes due to Covid-19 is in the education sector. Keeping health and safety in mind, most of the institutes have moved to online learning as a means to teach students. Most aspirants have refused to live in denial and accepted the situation to move to other effective means of education. Institutes have prepared courses like GATE 2021 online coaching and made them available on digital platforms for aspirants.

What has happened?

Educational institutes all over the globe have been shut down due to the breakout of the pandemic. Children, students and aspirants of different competitive exams are out of their classrooms. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in e-learning, institutes are using digital platforms as a medium to teach students remotely. Students preparing for competitive exams can now prepare for their exams from the comfort and safety of their homes and avail the benefits of online learning.

What should one do?

You must make fair use of the time available during this pandemic for your benefit. There’s never enough time, and you can be sure of that,especially when it comes to preparing for competitive exams.  With the onset of lockdown in many places, students now find themselves having a lot of time on their hands to prepare themselves. This time must beappropriately utilized to make the most out of it. It would help if you made wise decisions when it comes to managing your time, you can schedule your hours according to needs and make sure that you have some time for your body and mind.

The causes and effects

If you are someone who has been taking GATE 2021 online coaching,you will be able to understand how beneficial these courses are. They are very accessible and give you access to some of the finest teachers in the country. This is one the most helpful aspect of e-learning as you can be mentored by anybody that you like and not have to worry about things like relocating or other expenses associated with moving to a new location.

As many find difficult in taking control over the situation, more and more aspirants are moving to online platforms for learning and preparing for competitive exams. As students cannot physically be in their campus due to the severity of the virus institutes, have been forced to resort to online coaching. Institutes that prepared aspirants for competitive exams have seen a rise in the number of students opting for online coaching as the situation proceeds ahead.

How can you make the most of the situation for preparing for GATE?

Like mentioned earlier denial is not the answer to any problem; the right way is to move ahead and look for a solution. Yes, you cannot go to the classroom, but you can attend the same lecture online. You have the comfort of your home and the required peace that you need for concentrating while studying. You have more time on your hands that can be utilized properly to prepare for possibly attaining better results.

You will have the resources at your disposal, so revision and studying become much more comfortable. You can learn anytime you want as you will not have time limitations. So, make a schedule that you find suitable and adhere to it.

Have some material saved in your phone for times when you are not able to access the internet. Itr can be the revision material for the topics that you have already been through or videos pertaining to future topics. It will help you in making the most of your time, even when you are sometimes limited by the resources.

Take mock tests, appear for as many mock tests and quizzes as possible this will help you determine your preparation and give you the actual picture of your performance. The assessment from these mock tests can be used to improve on your grey areas.

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