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Benefits Of Taking Online Courses For Competitive Exams

October 07, 2020 Kulkarni Academy

Preparing for competitive exams might seem like a herculean task to perform and rightfully so, with the vast syllabus and tough questions if one does not prepare according to a strategy he or she may find themselves in a difficult situation. Thankfully today we have resources like the internet where we can opt for online classes that help us prepare for these competitive exams. These online platforms allow aspirants for interactive learning through remote access. 

Online courses have the edge over the traditional coaching classes; that is why we are seeing a rise in the trend of aspirants opting for online courses like gate online courses or NEET online courses.

The benefits of online or live classes are mentioned here:

The first reason why most students or aspirants choose online courses is because of the faculty or mentors. Many aspirants face this problem when it comes to finding the right mentor, and it can be difficult for aspirants from remote places as they have no access to good institutes which can provide them with suitable mentors. Owing to the lack of resources, students find it better to opt for online courses as they have some of the most reputed mentors from across the country. 

This brings us to the second benefit of online courses which is the accessibility. Students from many cities do not have coaching institutes or have limited options to choose from in their towns. They can either opt for an institute that they are not in content with or prepare on their own. Online courses can be accessed from any part of the country as long as you have a digital device and a stable internet connection. Many online courses also provide students with the option to download or save the lectures, and this allows students to make fair use of their time as they can be on their way to a destination and utilize the travel time to watch these lectures. 

Moving to a different location for preparing for competitive exams is not what many can afford. The affordability of online courses is another benefit that prompts many aspirants to pick it as the option over traditional coaching institutes. Moreover, the high fees and the additional costs associated with conventional coaching institutes like travelling or relocating is what aspirants are exempted from when they pick online courses. Online coaching empowers aspirants to learn from expert mentors from their homes and benefits students who do not have the means to pay the high fees or sustain the considerable expenses involved with coaching institutes. 

Online courses are time-saving, there are many ways how online courses make learning more efficient, and one of these ways is by giving you more time. I will try to explain this with an example, consider a typical coaching institute that is half an hour away from your residence. The coaching timings differ from one institute to another but is usually around 4-6 hours a day. You lose a minimum of one hour every day in commuting to and from the institute, which could have otherwise been utilized for other productive tasks or even learning. Whereas when it comes to online courses, you can attend a session from anywhere without missing it a single day even if you are travelling when the classes are going on, and you always have the option to save the session and watch it later. 

Online platforms are interactive; this allows students to indulge in audio-visual learning. Aspirant gets a better understanding of concepts when they are explained through animated videos or live examples. This makes it easier for students to register and recall topics when they need to, as visual learning promotes innovative learning when you have a clearer picture of the concept in your head. 

Competitive exams require one to be a focus and determined to crack the exam, and coaching institutes have a large number of aspirants sitting in the same room which many find distracting. The teachers can pay full attention when they do not have students to distract them in the middle of the sessions. It makes it better for both the students and the teachers to do their job.

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